Thursday, 18 October 2007



Self-Portrait of a Military Fetishist

That's me in my full military gear.

I'm at my best when clad in uniform, physically, tactically, even sexually! The uniform gets me really hot and perked up for wild action.

Fuck man! I'm made for the military!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Not another one...

I have tried owning an official blog for years. Over the past years, I have created impromptu blogs here and there, and till this very day I still fail fucking miserably in upkeeping one.

I can't even recall the familiar-yet-strange IDs and passwords I have created. I pride myself as the one and only holyhunk, but I have other masculine names like gladiator, hunkysoldier and armydude to put people off.Well, here's another crude blog to perhaps showcase the animal side of me. Yes, it's going to be infested with profanity, if you would bear with me.

Let's fucking start...